Callsure Business Telephone Services

Callsure provide business telephone services in the UK and across the world. Our phone services will revolutionise your telephony and significantly reduce your costs. Our phone services use the latest VoIP technology allowing you and your staff the flexibility to work in any location anywhere in the world. Phone calls can be received to smartphones, PC/MAC, VoIP handsets and traditional landlines and mobiles.

We have a range of discounts dependent on the number of users and our multi-user plans start at £1.99 per user.

Our business telephone services can be configured using our easy and simple to use online control panel.  Uniquely, we offer a free configuration service to all of our customers with free UK based customer support between 8am and 11pm every day.

When scoping your service, we guarantee that we will offer a needs based service so that you get the service that is right for you rather than what is convenient for us.

The business telephone services offered by Callsure include Phone Numbers for sale, Number Porting, VoIP Services with Call Forwarding, Broadband Services and other additional phone services such as fax to email and live answering services.

Buy Phone Numbers

Buy telephone numbers in the UK and across the world. UK city phone numbers (01 and 02), UK national numbers (03), international city numbers, UK and USA Freephone numbers. Buy standard and memorable numbers in different areas and countries… Read More

Keep your existing phone number

Keep your business telephone services uninterrupted when you move premises using our porting services. You can now locate your business anywhere in the UK or across the world and keep the same telephone numbers. Get rid of traditional phone lines and save money… Read More

VoIP – Revolutionise your telephony

Work anywhere in the world and on any device using our VoIP services. Receive calls in the office, at home, on the move and on the beach. Create a professional image for your callers, distribute calls to different groups and individuals, and never miss a call… Read more

Receive calls to mobiles and landlines

Call Forwarding is also known as Call Diversion and is a service that allows you to send calls from a number supplied or hosted by us to a different phone number or group of phone numbers. Identify business calls using call whisper and send missed calls to a central voicemailRead More

ADSL, FTTC and FTTP Broadband Solutions

We will supply Broadband Services to most UK towns and cities. Download and upload speeds are dependent on local exchange capabilities. FTTP & FTTC are the fastest solutions and ADSL is the most widely available solution. FTTP will be widely rolled out across the UK by 2025… Read more

Additional Business Telephone Services

Callsure provides a range of products and services to supplement your business telephone services. Including fax to email & email to fax, live answering & receptionist services, voice prompts and music on hold. Callsure also offers a wide range of VoIP handsets and peripherals… Read more

What we can do for your business telephone services

Callsure Business Telephone Services can:

  • Sell you UK and international phone numbers, UK numbers provided by OFCOM
  • Help you keep your existing phone number and ensure business continuity when you move premises
  • Provide you the latest generation of VoIP (Voice over IP) business telephone services which will replace traditional copper wire and ISDN phone services in the near future
  • Supply you with robust and innovative call forwarding and call diversion services
  • Keep you connected to the internet with our ADSL, FTTC and FTTP broadband services
  • Supplement your business telephone services with fax to email, live answering services and a range of VoIP handsets and peripherals.

How can I get in touch?

To discuss your business telephone services and hardware requirements please call us on 01753 624121 or email us.

Callsure Business Telephone Services has been established since 2000 and is committed to offering our customers the best telecoms advice. We offer both value and quality of service. It is important to us that our customers receive a personal service because we understand how frustrating it is to deal with larger telecoms providers. Call us now and discuss your telecoms requirements on 01753 624121.